Welcome to YorkFire.Net

This site is still under development. Keep watching as we continue to work on the content of the site.

YorkFire.Net will hopefully become a site where visitors can find information about the fire services protecting York County, Pennsylvania. I intend to provide information on this site, as well as links to sites with more in-depth coverage of specific topics.

I hope that the fire services that serve York County embrace the concept, and provide me with information about events and happenings in their departments. With luck, we will develop a network of correspondents throughout the county that can provide information for the site.

The concept for YorkFire.Net developed many years ago. A friend and I took a several day "road trip" to take photographs of every fire station in York County. Although this seems like an easy project, it really wasn't.

This was before digital cameras, so we were both shooting with film, and we had to make every shot count. With the fronts of the fire stations facing every different direction, lighting was an issue. It required follow up trips to certain stations at specific times of the day so the buildings were lit properly. Eventually, we completed the project, but within a year it was out of date, as several replacement fire stations had been built.

Fast forward to the last several years. I am now equipped with a great digital camera, a Nikon D50, and have continued to take fire scene photographs when circumstances allow, and fire police don't chase me away.   :)   I have been displaying those photos on my personal web site, which has gathered quite a local following. I have also been trying to maintain a list of local fire department web site links on my web site.

My photo collection was growing, and the limited storage space at my personal web site caused me to delete photographs every time I wanted to add new photos. I decided that I wanted to develop a new web site where I could put all of this information together.

As luck would have it, a dispute with a web hosting company (I recommend you not use yorkpahosting.com) caused me to seek out a new host for some other web sites I maintain. As a result, I purchased hosting from BlueHost which came with a free domain name. As I already had the domain names for the other sites, I started the search for a domain name for the new site. Several other choices were already registered, but I eventually settled on YorkFire.Net.

I hope you will find the contents of the site useful. Please bear with me as I continue to develop the site.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or submissions.

Greg Halpin

Keep checking back as I continue to develop this site!